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Cookie Policy
Effective Date 29 September 2021

This Cookie Policy explains how Your Local Florist British Unit (“we”, “us”, “our”) and third parties we work with use cookies and similar tracking technologies (sometimes, generically referred to as “cookies” in this Cookie Policy) on or in connection with our websites located at www.................... , and/or other related online or mobile services or communications associated with our products or adverts (each, a “Site”), and the choices available to individuals (“you”, “your”) who purchase from, or otherwise use or engage with our Sites.

It is standard practice among websites and applications to collect information about users’ activities through cookies so as to make the users’ experience better, easier, more personalised and more attuned to the users’ interests. We provide this Cookie Policy to inform you of the types of cookies used on our Sites, the general purposes for which they are used, and the many ways in which you can express your choices and preferences.

Cookies on our Sites do change but our aim is to provide an accurate list of cookies in use on our Sites. To do this we use a Cookie Management Tool which sweeps our Sites at regular intervals and automatically updates the cookie information we provide. 

You can use our Cookie Management Tool (which can also be reached by clicking on the Cookie Settings link from the cookie banner on our Sites), to (i) see the entire list of the cookies used by us and third parties we work with and, most importantly, (ii) exercise your choices: whether it’s consenting to cookies or refusing consent, withdrawing previously given consent, or objecting to certain processing.

Our goal is to keep this Cookie Policy up to date. Therefore, we recommend that you review this Cookie Policy periodically. At a minimum, we recommend reviewing this policy together with each new purchase you make with us. We will inform you by means of a general notice on the Sites or through other communications of any material changes taking effect.

Generally speaking, we and our partners use cookies, pixel tags, embedded scripts, local storage objects, SDKs, and similar tracking technologies to distinguish you from other users, to help us improve our Sites and enhance your experience when you visit us, to measure traffic and the effectiveness of our ad campaigns and other Services, to provide you with a better, more personalised experience when you visit, purchase from, or otherwise interact with, our Sites, and to tailor ads and content to you while you use our Sites or when you navigate across the Internet or interact with us or third parties we work with across multiple devices.

What are cookies?

Cookies: Cookies are small text files stored on your browser or device. They do not harm your device. When you interact with our Sites, these cookies may be set by us (we call these “First Party Cookies”, and we control them) or by third party companies we work with (these are called “Third Party Cookies” and we do not control them). Some cookies only last as long as your browser session lasts (these are called “Session Cookies”), while others can stay active on your device for a longer period of time (these are called “Persistent Cookies”).

Pixel Tags: Pixel tags are small graphical images (also known as “beacons” or “clear GIFs”) on a web page or in an email. They typically work in conjunction with other tracking technologies to identify our users and their behaviour (e.g., pixel tags collect information about your browser or device and can themselves set cookies).

Embedded Scripts: An embedded script is programming code that is designed to collect information about your interactions with a Site, such as the links you click on. The code is temporarily downloaded onto your computer or device from our web server or a third-party service provider, is active only while you are connected to the Site and is deactivated or deleted thereafter.

SDKs: SDKs are blocks of code that may be installed in our mobile apps by third party companies we work with. SDKs helps us understand how you interact with our mobile apps and collect certain information about the device and network you use to access our apps, such as the advertising identifier associated with your device (if you have allowed us to do so) and other information about how you interact with our apps.

Types of cookies used and the general purposes for which they are used
Generally speaking, we and third parties we work with (such as advertising and analytics providers, for example) use cookies (in the generic sense) to, among other reasons, recognise you and distinguish you from other users of our Sites, provide you with a good experience when you browse our Sites, collect information such as the number of visits you make to our Sites, remember your preferences and selections, better understand which features of our Sites are most popular, understand what products you like the most, and measure how effective our ad campaigns are. Depending on the specific purpose for which cookies are used, they fall into four categories:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies

  • Performance Cookies

  • Functional Cookies

  • Marketing Cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies let you access and securely navigate our Sites and use essential features such as access to the shopping basket and tools to pay for your purchases or enhance your security. For example, we use these Strictly Necessary Cookies to identify you as being logged in to the Sites and to authenticate you. These cookies are also required to ensure that the products that you add to your shopping basket are kept there while you are shopping, and that the data that you enter during the ordering process is retained, to allow you to proceed with the payment of your order. These cookies are persistent and allow for session to session browsing. These cookies cannot be switched off in our systems. You may not opt out of Strictly Necessary Cookies. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but if you do block them, you may not be able to access some parts of our Sites and we cannot guarantee how the Sites or the security on the Sites will work.


Performance Cookies may be placed on your device by us (or by third parties we work with) to collect analytics, statistical and other information about how you and others use our Sites (e.g. which pages you visit, when you open or read the communications we send you, which of our ads you interact with on our Sites or other websites or access points where our ads may appear, if you receive any error messages, how many of you have viewed a product, etc.). These cookies do not collect any information that could identify you personally (however, if you have an account with us, the information collected using these Performance Cookies may be associated with your account). It is your choice whether you consent to the use of these Performance Cookies or not, and you can exercise that choice within the Cookie Management Tool.

Functional Cookies may be placed on your device by us (or by third parties we work with) and are used to improve your visit to our Sites by providing you the personalised or enhanced features that you have selected or remembering certain settings you have chosen (e.g., language preferences, the country from where you are visiting, if you have engaged with a particular piece of content on the Sites so that it won’t repeat, show you when you're logged in to the Site, etc.). If you disable these cookies, we will not be able to retain your preferences or selected settings for your next browsing or purchase visit. These cookies do not collect any information that could identify you personally (however, if you have an account with us, the information collected using these Functionality Cookies may be associated with your account). It is your choice whether you consent to the use of these Functional(ity) Cookies or not, and you can exercise that choice within the Cookie Management Tool.


Marketing Cookies are used to track your visit to our Sites, as well as your journey across other websites (including social media sites e.g., Facebook, Instagram), applications or online services, including the pages you have visited, the links you have followed or content you have shared. This allows us and third parties we work with to display targeted adverts to you, and it allows us to improve how we deliver personalised adverts and other content to you and measure the success of our advertising campaigns. You can opt out of this type of advertising directly with the advertising platform if you wish. We may also use these Targeting, Advertising or Social Cookies on our Sites and in connection with our content and ads that appear on third-party websites and applications (including on social media websites and applications) to see whether you interacted with our content or ads and so that we can show you tailored ads for products that we believe will be of most interest to you. We may also use these cookies to limit the number of times you see the same ad. It is your choice whether you consent to the use of these Targeting, Advertising or Social Cookies or not, and you can exercise that choice within the Cookie Management Tool.


How can you control cookies other than through the Cookie Management Tool?
Although most browsers and devices accept cookies by default, their settings usually allow you to clear or decline cookies. Please remember that if you disable certain cookies, some of the features of our Sites may not function properly. You can delete or disable any cookies that have been installed via your browser settings. Find out how to manage cookies on specific browsers by visiting their developer websites.

Do you recognise Do Not Track (“DNT”)?

We use a cookie consent management tool which recognises and responds to a Do Not Track (“DNT”) request and automatically blocks any category of cookies where it is configured to do so. If you already subscribe to DNT and have set your status to Do Not Track when visiting our Sites your DNT preferences will be recognised.

For information on how third party cookies, set by other companies we work with, please visit: - Your ad choices (opens in a new window, we aren’t responsible for the content of external websites) and our Cookie Management Tool.
Use your mobile device settings to control how data about your use of apps is used for purposes of showing ads that are targeted to your interests.


Since new technologies are being developed every day, we may introduce or utilise new technologies in the future in a manner consistent with this policy and generally applicable industry standards.

Further, additional disclosures or requests for permission may be presented using such new technologies at the time of such use. For example, you may receive a request from a mobile application to enable sharing of information through your device.

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