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Scindapsus aureus is a highly durable indoor plant that is considered one of the easiest to care for, making it an ideal gift option. It is uniquely able to retain its variegation even in low-light conditions, which has earned it the moniker of Devil's Ivy. The plant is also referred to as 'Epipremnum aureum' or 'Pothos', and is characterized by heart-shaped foliage with attractive variegation that cascades from trailing vines, making it an excellent choice for hanging pots or training up poles and doorways. Despite its popularity as a beginner plant, it is highly coveted by even the most dedicated house plant enthusiasts.


Scindapsus - Devil's Ivy Hanging Plant Pot size 15cm

SKU: PotPlant-01
    • Scindapsus 
    • Devil's Ivy Hanging Plant
    • Pot size 15cm
    • A minimum drop of 30cm
    • Possibility of removing the hook